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Album: Better World Coming: LOWLANDS & friends play Woody
Mixing, Mastering
"An act of of the best things we have heard this year"
Buscadero Magazine (Italy)

Performend by LOWLANDS and friends on the occasion of the centenary of Woody Guthrie's birth, Buscadero described the best what "Better World Coming" represent: a true act of love from Edward Abbiati to one of the most important folk-singer and song-writer of the last century.

A folk song is what's wrong and how to fix it or it could be
who's hungry and where their mouth is or
who's out of work and where the job is or
who's broke and where the money is or
who's carrying a gun and where the peace is.

Produced by Edward Abbiati and Roberto Diana. Mixed and mastered at The EnginEAR Studio.

Click HERE to listen to Stepstone from "Better World Coming: LOWLANDS & friends play Woody"

Year: 2012-07

  • Intro: This Land Is Your Land
  • This Train Is Bound For Glory
  • Heaven My Home
  • I Ain't Got No Home
  • More Pretty Girls
  • Better World Coming
  • Two Good Men
  • Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportee)
  • Stepstone
  • Going Down The Road
  • Lonesome Valley
  • Hard Travelin'
  • Outro: This Land Is Your Land
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Album: Raighes Vol 1
Engineering, Mixing, Additional Production
My brother in arm's first solo album, came out on June 3rd 2012.

No words to say how I feel about this album. I've been waiting for it and I'm 
WAY TOO PROUD to be part of this little precious piece of art.
It's just a first, yet important, kick in the ass for a bunch of people... ;]

All the record has been mixed at Pietro Nobile's Acoustic Design Studio (Milan, Italy) between May and April 2012.
Pietro Nobile himself took care of mastering sessions of the entire album.

You can listen to Roberto Diana's solo album and buy a copy from his shows or from his official website.


Year: 2012-06

  • S'Astore
  • Coffee Break
  • If You Are Happy
  • In My Mind (intro)
  • In My Mind
  • Day Off
  • Move On
  • Prayer
  • Soul Hunter
Clicca per ingrandireDonald and Jen MacNeill
Album: Fathers And Sons
Engineering, Mixing
A small pink house in the middle of nowhere, a bunch of good people and good friends, few instruments (mostly stringed and related) and a lot of passion.

In about a week these things brought to the born of a great folk album, with a kind of scottish-mediterranean soul and a lot of good songs and tunes originally created by Donald and Jen Macneill and produced by Edward Abbiati and Roberto Diana, with few LOWLANDS's friends and members playing in it.

Mixed at The EnginEAR Studio (Milan, IT) and mastered at the Yes Master Studio (Nashville, TN).

Click HERE and listen to some samples from "Fathers And Sons" by Donald and Jen MacNeill with LOWLANDS!

Year: 2011

  • Fair Tides
  • The Schoolroom
  • The Spencer
  • The Morning Lies Heavy
  • Farewell To Govan
  • Fathers And Sons
  • Bouncing Babes
  • Wear Something Simple
  • The Last Trip
  • Days Of Our Lives
  • What'll We Do
  • Half-Hebridean
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Album: Aspettando... Selecta
Mixing, Mastering
One of the most relaxing work experience I've ever had. Definitely!

"Aspettando... Selecta" is the first 5 songs EP by Tony Granella, anticipating his first album, that has been mixed and mastered in only 5 days at The EnginEAR Studio at the presence of Tony Granella himself and Gaetano "Tano" Cappitta, percussionist and drummer for this band with an impressive production-oriented mind.
Two guys as great as genuine they are!

Thanks to this guys some great trackings came by and the generally positive mood which permeated the studio helped mixing it keeping those positive feeling inside the EP.

Click HERE and listen to some samples!

Year: 2011

  • Come il cielo
  • Signorina
  • Black Gold
  • Selecta
  • Mista
Clicca per ingrandireLowlands
Album: Gypsy Child
Additional Recordings
I had the pleasure to join the creation of this JEWEL from these bad guys recording some of the electric guitars from Roberto Diana.

"With loving help from friends such as FRANCESCO BONFIGLIO on accordion and piano, MIKE "SLO MO" BRENNER (Marah, Magnolia Electric Co. Badly Drawn Boy) on Lap Steel, JOEY HUFFMAN (Soul Asylum) on Hammond, RICHARD HUNTER (one of the world's major harp innovators) and CHRIS CACAVAS (Green on Red, Giant Sand, Steve Wynn) singing, playing and mixing his heart out, LOWLANDS have made their most honest and ambitious record to date."

...what else?! :]

Produced by Edward Abbiati and Roberto Diana.
Listen to a preview!

Year: 2010-09

  • Gypsy child
  • Only rain
  • Street queen
  • Between shades and light
  • Life's beautiful lies
  • Cheap little paintings
  • Whithout a sigh
  • He left
  • There's a world
  • Gotta be
  • Blow, blue wind blow
Clicca per ingrandireCarmelo Febbo
Album: Volano i miei pensieri
Drums programming, Additional Recordings
The "opera omnia" of Carmelo Febbo, where I worked on drums, programming the most part of drum kits (this album includes some of the drums I'm proud the most! :D), and as a recording engineer during trackings at the EnginEAR Studio.

Produced by Carmelo Febbo. Mixed and mastered by Pietro Nobile at Acoustic Design Studio (Milan).

Click HERE and listen to some samples from the album!

Year: 2010-04

  • Volano i miei pensieri
  • Tell me where will I go
  • Si svegliano le fate
  • La nostra vita insieme
  • You are
  • Liubliù
  • Lui è
  • Lei ritornerà
  • Dietro la sera
  • Sopra il cielo dormirò
  • Cerco
  • Dove sarà
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Album: Acoustic Night In Firenze - A concert film
Live Recording, Mixing
Official live CD taken from the premiere of the last single from Simone Borghi and Linda Valori, performed and recorded live during July 2009 in a very suggestive location, Opera Et Gusto theater in Florence.

Featuring Linda Valori in "Every night together" (taken from Online by Simone Borghi, more informations down here), the concert film also includes live performances from such artists as:

:: Lorenzo Maiani on keyboards
:: Roberto Diana, acoustic and dobro guitars
:: Ivan Battistella, lead vocal in "Master of this day"

Take a look at the DVD too... ;]

Clicca per ingrandireLowlands
Album: EP Vol.1
Mixing, Additional Recordings
The first EP by LOWLANDS, anglo italian roots rock band based in Pavia (passing through Sardinia, London and Piedmont) but more importantly real bad boys, musically as honest as they come, which in this EP summoned up once again the emotions and the spirit given by their critically acclaimed debut album (The Last Call).

It was a precious gift to be able to collaborate with people like:

Edward Abbiati: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Simone Fratti: Bass & Double Bass
Chiara Giacobbe: Violin
Phil Ariens: Drums & Percussions
Roberto Diana: Electric, Slide & Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro, Bouzouki
Stefano Speroni: Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Ste Brandinali: Piano & Keyboards
Francesco lebowski Verrastro: Acoustic Guitar
Louise Abbiati: Backing Vocals

Produced by Edward Abbiati with Roberto Diana and Andrea Lepori.

Year: 2009

  • Leeve Man
  • Lowlands
  • My Prison Walls
  • Walking Down The Street
  • Lullaby
Clicca per ingrandireSimone Borghi
Album: Online
Recording & Mixing Engineer
I had the pleasure and honour of participating in this wonderful project mixing the title track with my partner in crime Roberto Diana, as well as following the tracking of the electric and lap steel guitars played by Roberto on 2 tracks: Online and E' un giorno.

Featuring (and why not?): Tony Levin, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, James Raymond, Frank Gambale... and so on! :]

Produced by Simone Borghi/SBP and Pietro Nobile, in collaboration with James Raymond (JR Productions), JP Cervoni, Vittorio Iuè and Lorenzo Maiani.

More info on Online
Clicca per ingrandireSes Cordas
Album: Mediterranean Journey
Recording, Mixing, Mastering
I think the best way to describe the emotions given to me by this CD is to re-write what I wrote on my Blog the day it was released:

It is when you have the chance to meet and know (in the oldest and truest sense) special people, which teach you a lot and give you a lot, often on a daily basis.
It is when you have the chance to deal with people who can respect you during the best of times, and who stand right by your side during the worst of times.
It is when you have the chance to meet people who will share with you their talent, without ever once imposing it.
It is when life gives you such experiences that Music manifests itself

A truly fantastic experience, shared at the HydePark Studios of Vimodrone with my brothers in arms Roberto Diana and Marco Pinna.

Clicca per ingrandireRoberto Salis
Album: L'Antidoto
Co-producer, Arranging, Engineering
Great guitarist and crazy singer songwriter (which for me is a huge compliment!!) but especially a great friend with whom I had the pleasure of having fun on numerous occasions during 2008.

This work also saw the birth of my project studio, and along with Roberto I had the chance for the very first time to experiment as I had never been able to do beforehand: from the brushes of Il Pretesto (which do NOT come from a drum kit!), to the darting arrows of L'Antidoto, passing through the baritonal Cicchettoi of San Precario (spawned by my caveman, 9 am voice...).

Produced at the EnginEAR Studio and published by Videoradio Edizioni.

Year: 2008

  • L'Antidoto
  • Aggrappati Alla Mia Cintura
  • Radio J
  • Il Pretesto
  • San Precario
  • Sceicchi (del Sound)
  • Mi Presenti I Tuoi?!
Clicca per ingrandireSes Cordas
Album: Demo
Recording, Mixing
The very first "labour of love" produced by Ses Cordas, Marco Pinna and Roberto Diana, featuring Paolo Canola on flamenco guitar.

Produced at the EnginEAR Studio, where the Francisco and Algecìras videoclips where also recorded. It was a pleasure to record these songs shortly after they were written, a strange feeling... both intimate and full of character. You could already clearly see back then their talent , which would be made public on the Mediterranean Journey live tour.

A rare bootleg which I cherish :]

Year: 2007

  • Francisco
  • La Salsera
  • Grazianeddhu
Clicca per ingrandireI Raggi di Maria
Album: La strada dell'Amore
Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering
A peculiarity on which I was able to work alongside Jacopo Vannini, soul brother and great musician, who followed the pre-production on this record taking a revolutionary approach while arranging the songs.

La strada dell'Amore is, in what is becoming the Italian Worship music scene, one of the first tracks professionally produced, thanks to Jacopo's attitude and the soul conveyed by the choir.

Produced by Dream Factory. Recorded at Jacopo Vannini's House Music Studio. Mixed and mastered at the EngineEAR Studio.

Year: 2007

  • Spezziamo il pane
  • Resta qui con noi
  • Una luce che rischiara
  • Ti seguirò
  • Figlia di Sion
  • Deus te salvet Maria
  • Abbracciami Gesù
  • Incontro a te
  • La strada dell'Amore

Clicca per ingrandireSimone Borghi
Song: It Makes No Sense
Co-Producer, Audio Engineering, Drum Programming
Recorded in three different studios, cherished as a new born coming, the single from Simone Borghi comes from and is also closely linked to the development of the marketing study Can an emerging band advertise itself exclusively with the aid of webradios?, written by Andrea Fuggetta and presented as the Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) theses in Recording Arts at SAE Institute in Milan.

:: Performed by

Simone Borghi: lead vocal and acoustic guitar
Roberto Diana: electric guitar, dobro e lap steel guitar
Luca Canetto: bass guitar
Stefano Brandinali: keyboards
Stefano Olla: drum programming

The analysis ensured the programming of the new track in rotation on the best-known Italian (and foreign) webradios. was the very FIRST time I programmed drums following the lead parts (acoustic guitar
and lead vocals).

I have as good as played it for real! :D

More info on the marketing study

Year: 2010

Clicca per ingrandireIvan Battistella
Song: Pay The Price
Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Produced in collaboration with Roberto Diana and SBP Productions, the first

single from Ivan Battistella has a hardrock feeling in it offering great artistic

performances from:

Roberto Gualdi: drums
Alex Bonacci: drums
Luca Canetto: bass guitar
Tony Levin: bass guitar
Roberto Diana: electric guitar, dobro and lap steel guitar
Brian Ray: electric guitar
JP Cervoni: electric guitar
Simone Borghi: acoustic guitar and background vocal
James Raymond: Fender Rhodes
Andrea Gagliardi: keyboards

This are the studios that gave birth to its 3 songs:

Acoustic Design Studio :: Milano
The EnginEAR Studio :: Seregno
Tony Broks Studios :: Los Angeles
Bamboom Room Studio :: Los Angeles
Tony Levin Studio :: Woodstock, NY
CPM Music Institute :: Milano
Bob Studio :: Fermo

Mixed by Stefano Olla and Roberto Diana at The EnginEAR Studio. Track 3 mixed

by Pietro Nobile at Acoustic Design Studio.

Mastered by Stefano Olla and Roberto Diana at The EnginEAR Studio.

Clicca per ingrandire
Song: Sol Serenade
This track is surrounded by mystery and secrets which cannot be told....and I will not say a word more on this!! :D

Listen to Sol Serenade in Samples page

Year: 2009

  • Sol Serenade
Clicca per ingrandireRoberto Diana
Song: S'Astore
Recording, Mixing
The first acoustic track spawned from the hands of Roberto Diana and the six-string creations of MN Guitars: in this instance the Moona guitar was used in this song.

This song is just a taste of what magic can be summoned by mixing the feeling and the artistic taste of a great musician like Roberto and love that Marcello and Francesca Norero put in their babies: a dangerous combination :]

Recorded and mixed at the Acoustic Design Studio of Pietro Nobile.

Listen to S'Astore in Samples page

Year: 2008

  • S'Astore
Clicca per ingrandireRoberto Diana
Song: 9 Aprile
Recording, Mixing, Drums programming
Mini-song recorded at Pietro Nobiles Acoustic Design Studio and mixed by at the EnginEAR Studio.

9 Aprile was one of the first tracks mixed in my project studio, back in the early days, but above all I am proud that this is one of the very first tracks published containing one of my drum patterns!
I'm Happy it happened with one of my favourite partner in crime :]

Listen to 9 Aprile in Samples page

Year: 2008

  • 9 Aprile
Clicca per ingrandireMichele Rovelli
Song: Mille Giorni
Recording, Mixing, Pro eater of grilled fish
The very first piece of work carried out with Michele Rovelli, songwriter and singing teacher (which I love to call "lo zzio" - the uncle), at his studio of Lesa.

This was the result of an unforgettable series of pleasant weekends spent as a guest of Michele on Lake Maggiore, this song represents for me a very important period of my life!

Year: 2006

  • Mille Giorni

Clicca per ingrandireAlessia D'Andrea
Title: Live In Studio
PA manager, FOH, Live Recording
Recorded live in an old oil-mill rebuilt from the main building of a monastery of the 17th century.
This should be enough to give you some idea of the special atmosphere that night in February, that inspired me, Roberto Diana (who played acoustic guitar), Franco Catricalà (acoustic and electric bass), and Alex Bonacci (drums).
Alessia D'Andrea being the source of this inspiration, with her voice, her groove playing keyboards and her energy in front of the audience!

A pleasant night with friends, made possible by Antonio Notaro (Renilin Music Label)... and by Martina, our irresistible four-footed friend who stood over us from rehersals to the very end of the show :]

During the gig my two hands took care of all the mixing, P.A. and FOH stuff, while my other two hands looked after the live recording things for getting all the tracks mixed in post-production. :]

You can find a little preview of the DVD down below:

Promotional DVD for Alessia D'Andrea's acoustic tour, recorded LIVE by Stefano Olla at Renilin Music Label's studios, mixed by Stephan Zeh (Diemischbatterie) and produced by Renilin Music Label.
Video shooting by Studio Ferraina.

Year: 2011

Clicca per ingrandireSimone Borghi
Title: Acoustic Night In Firenze - A concert film
Live Recording, Mixing
Official live DVD taken from the premiere of the last single from Simone Borghi and Linda Valori, performed and recorded live during July 2009 in a very suggestive location, Opera Et Gusto theater in Florence.

Featuring Linda Valori in "Every night together" (taken from Online by Simone Borghi, more informations down here), the concert film also includes live performances from such artists as:

:: Lorenzo Maiani on keyboards
:: Roberto Diana, acoustic and dobro guitars
:: Ivan Battistella, lead vocal in "Master of this day"

Give it a shot... ;]

Watch the official playlist on Youtube!

Clicca per ingrandireRoberto Diana
Title: Hot Hand Wah DVD
Co-Producer, Audio/Video Engineering
Demo DVD which shows how to use Source Audio's Hot Hand Wah pedal.
I produced this one with my partner in crime, Roberto Diana for Source Audio and in collaboration with Angelo Tordini of Reference Laboratory (importer for Italy of all Source Audio products).

While everyone was still celebrating the New Year, Roby and I, on January 2nd, were already at the EnginEAR Studio working on the DVDs script!

The DVD was presented on January 15, 2009 in Los Angeles at the Winter NAMM Show 2009, the most important musical event in the world. Roberto Diana was attending the fair, one of only 3 Italian guitarists participating to the event as a performer (I can proudly say that 2 of these three are Sardinian!).
What better debut could the first DVD produced by me and Roberto have?! :D

Trivia #2
The whole work was done in only 5 days! A Record! 
Mornings, afternoons (and nights!) Roby and I took turns being producers, technical engineer and guitarist (respectively) as well as script writers and set designers... :D
I handed the master of the DVD to Roby 4 hours before his departure for Los Angeles! Last minute!!

Luca Canetto's participation was crucial in the realization of this amazing feat, great bass player and close friend who, besides proving himself a very good cameraman, gave it all, possibly more than anyone else, as a handyman and a go-fer!

Click Play to watch the full version:

Produced at the EnginEAR Studio. Available in all Source Audio resellers (in the world :]).

Read the article pubblished by Source Audio
More info on Source Audio / Reference Laboratory

Clicca per ingrandireFrancesca Vargiu
Title: The Inutil News Show
Co-Producer, Audio/Video Engineering
The worst gossip news reel of the worst entertainment gossip blog

In this menacing way, the news program led by Francesca Vargiu presented itself to the world. As well as being a cabaret and comedy actress, Francesca is also a very close friend of mine and Roberto Diana and Luca Canetto.
It was fun to share this enjoyable and spiky experience with her :D

The show's first season ran from April 2009 for 3 months. The Inutil News Show brought a weekly ironic and cruel look at the world of today's gossip stars. You can see for yourself by clicking Play!

Produced by the DOC (Diana-Olla-Canetto) Productions, at the EngineEAR Studio, for the Very Inutil People Web TV.

More info about Francesca Vargiu

Year: 2009

  • The Inutil News Show #01
  • The Inutil News Show #02
  • The Inutil News Show #03
  • The Inutil News Show #04
  • The Inutil News Show #05
  • The Inutil News Show #06
  • The Inutil News Show #07
  • The Inutil News Show #08
Clicca per ingrandireSes Cordas
Title: DVD Demo
Audio/Video Engineering, Post-Production
I had the pleasure and honour of working at my project studio on the filming and audio / video editing of the Francisco and Paquito (embryonic version of the song Algeciras) video clips, the 2 preview tracks of what would become Mediterranean Journey a few months later.

Played entirely live without any overdubs (which has always been the philosophy of Ses Cordas), with Marco and Roberto I was able to take a first look around the world of video making, as fascinating as the audio world.

Produced by Ses Cordas at EngineEAR Studio. Thanks Marco and Roberto for this pleasant experience, the first of many other shared later... ;]

Enjoy it by clicking in the next Tracklist here or see all the videos of Ses Cordas.

Year: 2008


Clicca per ingrandireDonato Begotti
Title: Private Lesson: Rhythm & Lead
Mixing, Mastering, Production assistant
A Fantastic experience I will never forget! :D

Working with Donato, whom I kindly refer to as a war machine, a guitarist with an impressive technique, but above all to be closely exposed to a true mentor (for a year, we were each the person whom the other saw and spoke to more than anyone else every day! :D), is a chance that rarely comes around and that made me grow so much: both professionally as well as spiritually.

I wish to thank Donato, and I will never finish to thank him (I owe him so much!), for the valuable experience that we shared together over 9 months of guitar-music-lyrics-music-music-exercise-friends-friends-friends-and-guitars-and-music that gave birth to what has quickly become a must-have of rock guitar for pros.

One of Donato's most amazing assets, as well as the language that he employs (informal but never banal) that few teachers know how to use, is his emphasis on mental preparation. Whether you are a student, or a pro: it makes a difference!

Produced by Donato Begotti at Pingo Studio (now Rock Guitar Academy) and published by BMG Ricordi.

Preview all tracks or download the first 10 pages of the method on Donato's site!

Year: 2005

  • Accordatore
  • Longing
  • Heavy and Roll - Rhythm
  • Heavy and Roll - Lead
  • Sig. Mario
  • FOR YOU!!! - Rhythm
  • FOR YOU!!! - Lead
  • I will Succeed
  • Johnny Begutt - Rhythm
  • Johnny Begutt - Lead
  • Pausina
  • Red Panther - Rhythm
  • Red Panther - Lead
  • Thinking Of You
  • Piano Man
  • Dolcezza
  • Wach'a MManna - Rhythm
  • Wach'a MManna - Lead
  • Palme and Cocco
  • Genova Roma
  • Aiut!
  • Jumbo - Rhythm
  • Jumbo - Lead
  • Gasamientos
  • I Tre Porcellini
  • Capotamientos
  • Liars - Rhythm
  • Liars - Lead
  • How To Penn
  • What A Funk!
  • Sensual
  • Let's Party! - Rhythm
  • Let's Party! - Lead
  • dOrikus
  • Motofunk
  • Lambretta - Rhythm
  • Lambretta - Lead
  • Q And A - Rhythm
  • Q And A - Lead
  • Pingo Boy - Rhythm
  • Pingo Boy - Lead
  • Tunz Tunz
  • Loud And Proud
  • Suggerimenti e saluti